Why you have no right to blame charming liar Angus Tung? Because he own no power, no force, no authority but question "Why" freely, he tool 房屋買賣 his own or anyone else question to seek answer, jus 買房子t like your military to tool their own or anyone else life to learn the 賣房子a> lesson freely. Because your military does not sold out anyone's life, Angus Tung does not sol 小額信貸d out anyone's curiosity.That how you cannot do better than your military (My advise to military: You don't 591deal with any unknown, not ever happened, you only need to do your best not to repeat your pervious or former mistake; you don't take anyone& 面膜#39;s words for grant before you can know that anyone's power of honesty) or Angus Tung (My advise to Angus Tung: you don't waste your question [because ho 房屋買賣nest people always deserve your respect, that what made integrity politician willing to service all people who can afford to be more honest than politician self; you question dishonest, y 永慶房屋ou must be too suck to know how to question ] or curiosity [you cannot afford to follow low lower lowest]to anyone who is looked down by you; you only question those who can do better than you.) , you must 土地買賣have no right to own power, force or authority, not mention to build any form of government in any way.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 信用卡代償  .

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